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It appears that the family of Phillip Steffy and his wife, Sarah Kaltrider, moved from York Co. Pennsylvania around 1836.

Phillip and Sarah had two more children in Stark Co once they arrived, Margaret in 1837 and Rebecca in 1839. So it is evident that they lived in the area for a few years before moving on to Illinois.

In 1838, Lydia, the 2nd daughter born around 1819 in PA, married John Fritschle in Stark Co. OH. They both died in Richland Co. IL.

In 1842, the eldest son, Daniel, married Julia Ann Hossler in Stark Co. Ohio.
He and Julia had 5 children:
Rachel Steffy-1843 OH
Henry- 1844 OH
Aaron Steffy- 1850 OH died 1911 in Olney, IL
Philip Steffy- 1848
Elizabeth Steffy- OH
Daniel died on NOV. 6, 1852 in Marlboro, Stark Co, OHIO. Sometime after 1877, the rest of Daniel's family continues on to Richland Co. IL. All the rest of the family live and die in Richland Co. IL.

Leah, the 1st daughter, born in 1820 in York PA, either had already met Isaac Crum, her future husband, or she and the rest of the family had already moved on to Illinois because she married in Richland Co.Illinois in 1841. On May 22, 1847, Philip Steffy, the head of the family purchased land in Olney Illinois. (It is apparent now, that Phillip didn't join, Leah his daughter, in Richland Co. IL until 7 years later.)

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