This list may not be a complete list of the cemeteries in Stark County, Ohio. Also, some cemeteries are knsown by different names locally. If you know of a cemetery not listed here, please let me know as much about it as possible, and I'll include it in the list. If you know of online records for any of these cemeteries, let me know and I'll add a link on this page. If you are traveling to Stark County to photograph your ancestor's head stone, please consider taking pictures of some, or all, of the other stones and submitting them here. It may help you find more cousins, and it may help other researchers who will never be able to travel to Stark County. Thanks!

Cemetery NameUSGS MapLatitudeLongitude
Alliance City - Map Alliance 40.933N 81.113W
Amish - Map Robertsville 40.829N 81.185W
Armstrong - Map Massillon 40.75 N 81.56 W
Baptist - Map Navarre 40.692N 81.618W
Battlesburg - Map Bolivar 40.698N 81.384W
Baughman - Map Navarre 40.743N 81.557W
Beech - Map Robertsville 40.870N 81.211W
Beechwood - Map Limaville 40.886N 81.134W
Beechy - Map Hartville 40.957N 81.358W
Blough - Map Navarre 40.656N 81.510W
Bose - Map Navarre 40.653N 81.563W
Bowman - Map Waynesburg 40.690N 81.331W
Brumbaugh - Map Hartville 40.975N 81.311W
Calvary - Map
Partial Listing and Photos
Canton West 40.790N 81.469W
Centenary Chapel - Map Waynesburg 40.712N 81.276W
Center Church - Map Canton East 40.815N 81.281W
Christ Evangelical Lutheran - Map Malvern 40.749N 81.241W
Church of God - Map Bolivar 40.710N 81.481W
Clapper - Map Massillon 40.834 81.578
Cross Roads - Map Navarre 40.727N 81.573W
Dietrick - Map Navarre 40.690? 81.560?
Dutch Church - Map Alliance 40.931N 81.106W
East Greenville - Map Dalton 40.801N 81.627W
East Nimishillen - Map Hartville 40.926?N 81.329?W
East Sparta - Map Waynesburg 40.665?N 81.355?W
Eden - Map Bolivar 40.738?N 81.439?W
Evangelical - Map Canton East 40.866?N 81.278?W
Evergreen Park - Map Canton East 40.816?N 81.298?W
Fairhope Evangelical - Map Canton East 40.829?N 81.299?W
Fairmount Childrens Home - Map Homeworth 40.871?N 81.105?W
Fairmount Grange - Map Homeworth 40.857?N 81.103?W
Fairmount Memorial - Map Alliance 40.876?N 81.107?W
Farber-Knotts - Map Waynesburg 40.652?N 81.315?W
Forest Hill - Map Canton West 40.850?N 81.390?W
Freeburg - Map Robertsville 40.836?N 81.145?W
French Baptist - Map Limaville 40.908?N 81.241?W
Gerber - Map Bolivar 40.737?N 81.427?W
German - Map Navarre 40.687?N 81.580?W
Glass - Map Malvern 40.730?N 81.247?W
Glen - Map Malvern 40.739?N 81.247?W
Green Lawn - Map Wilmot 40.658?N 81.639?W
Greenlawn - Map North Canton 40.978?N 81.410?W
Greenridge - Map Waynesburg 40.712?N 81.334?W
Greentown - Map North Canton 40.929?N 81.397?W
Grove - Map Bolivar 40.692?N 81.411?W
Hartville Union - Map
Hartville 40.962?N 81.329?W
Hawkins - Map Homeworth 40.814?N 81.112?W
Hebrew - Map Canton East 40.772?N 81.372?W
Henline - Map Bolivar 40.663?N 81.414?W
Henry - Map Canton East 40.860?N 81.333?W
Hillcrest - Map Canton West 40.750?N 81.383?W
Indian Run - Map Waynesburg 40.739?N 81.267?W
King Church - Map Hartville 40.968?N 81.365?W
Kountze Memorial - Map Canton East 40.785?N 81.287?W
Kurtz - Map Massillon 40.831?N 81.612?W
Lexington - Map Alliance 40.961?N 81.111?W
Liberty - Map Malvern 40.729?N 81.153?W
Limaville - Map Limaville 40.979?N 81.150?W
Machamer - Map Hartville 40.945?N 81.347?W
Magnolia - Map
Partial Listing
Waynesburg 40.656?N 81.296?W
Maple Grove - Map Hartville 40.941?N 81.339?W
Marlboro - Map Limaville 40.964?N 81.215?W
Massillon - Map
Partial Listing
Massillon 40.774?N 81.516?W
McFarren - Map Wilmot 40.723? 81.625?W
McKinley Park - Map Canton West 40.796?N 81.380?W
Melsheimer - Map Waynesburg 40.720?N 81.372?W
Motts - Map Robertsville 40.796?N 81.204?W
Mount Peace - Map Hartville 40.968?N 81.340?W
Mount Pleasant - Map Canton East 40.847?N 81.319?W
Mount Pleasant - Map North Canton 40.906?N 81.422?W
Mount Pleasant - Map North Canton 40.908?N 81.402?W
Mount Tabor - Map Canton East 40.784?N 81.284?W
Mount Union - Map
Partial Listing
Alliance 40.888?N 81.105?W
Mount Zion - Map Waynesburg 40.741?N 81.341?W
Myers - Map Massillon 40.770?N 81.554?W
New Baltimore - Map Limaville 40.983?N 81.236?W
New Franklin - Map Homeworth 40.800?N 81.094?W
Newman - Map Massillon 40.829?N 81.560?W
Newman Creek - Map Massillon 40.849?N 81.621?W
Niesz - Map Canton West 40.751?N 81.428?W
North Canton - Map North Canton 40.897?N 81.421?W
North Lawn - Map West Canton 40.852?N 81.400?W
Oak Grove - Map Hartville 40.953?N 81.360?W
Old Kendal - Map Massillon 40.802?N 81.515?W
Old Lutheran - Map Navarre 40.726?N 81.516?W
Old Methodist - Map Canal Fulton 40.887?N 81.602?W
Old Pioneer - Map Waynesburg 40.668?N 81.256?W
Old Presbyterian - Map Dalton 40.865?N 81.647?W
Old Quaker - Map Massillon 40.806?N 81.512?W
Old Wilmot - Map Wilmot 40.657?N 81.631?W
Paris - Map Robertsville 40.795?N 81.164?W
Pigeon Run - Map Navarre 40.749?N 81.578?W
Pleasant View - Map Dalton 40.826ºN 81.631ºW
Quaker Hill - Map Limaville 40.5916N 81.1024W
Reed - Map Navarre 40.704?N 81.590?W
Richville - Map Canton West 40.756?N 81.471?W
Robertsville - Map Robertsville 40.764?N 81.189?W
Rose Hill Memorial Park - Map Massillon 40.5003N 81.3017W
Rowland - Map Canton East 40.4735N 81.2112W
Sacred Heart of Mary - Map
Limaville 40.891?N 81.228?W
Saint Barbaras - Map Massillon 40.4737N 81.3341W
Saint Clements - Map Navarre 40.727N 81.517W
Saint Jacobs - Map Massillon 40.873?N 81.514?W
Saint Jacobs - Map Hartville 40.915?N 81.353?W
Saint Johns - Map Canton West 40.4912N 81.2305W
Saint Johns Sixteen - Map Massillon 40.788N 81.603W
Saint Joseph Catholic - Map
Partial Listing
Limaville 40.877N 81.172W
Saint Josephs - Map Massillon 40.774N 81.514W
Saint Josephs - Map Alliance 40.901N 81.090W
Saint Louis - Map
Partial Listing
Canton East 40.4931N 8.11607W
Saint Mary Catholic - Map Massillon 40.4812N 81.3123W
Saint Paul - Map Navarre 40.673N 81.539W
Saint Paul - Map North Canton 40.892N 81.479W
Saint Pauls - Map Canton West 40.874N 81.403W
Saint Pauls - Map Limaville 40.980N 81.214W
Saint Peters - Map Canton West 40.4914N 81.2247W
Saint Peters - Map Hartville 40.5520N 81.1547W
Saint Peters - Map Hartville 40.5446N 81.1602W
Saint Phillips - Map Canal Fulton 40.5337N 81.3557W
Salem - Map Malvern 40.4323N 81.1232W
Salem Greenlawn - Map Robertsville 40.5103N 81.0800W
Sandy Valley - Map
Partial Listing
Waynesburg 40.3950N 81.1614W
Science Hill - Map Limaville 40.923N 81.164W
Shepler - Map
Transcription and Photos
Bolivar 40.693N 81.481W
Sherman - Map Bolivar 40.696N 81.433W
Shiveley - Map Malvern 40.4434N 81.0842W
Siffert - Map Bolivar 40.715N 81.430W
Slutz - Map Navarre 40.704N 81.548W
Snyder - Map Robertsville 40.821N 81.221W
South Lawn - Map Navarre 40.649N 81.574W
Stanwood - Map Dalton 40.759N 81.634W
Sunset Hills Burial Park - Map Canton West 40.856N 81.443W
Thomas - Map Hartville 40.895N 81.312W
Trinity Lutheran - Map Massillon 40.795N 81.569W
Union - Map Robertsville 40.5029N 81.1412W
Union - Map
Partial Listing
Canton East 40.784N 81.289W
Union - Map Canal Fulton 40.5326N 81.3622W
Union - Map Hartville 40,5747N 81.1941W
Union Lawn - Map
Partial Listing
Navarre 40.727N 81.521W
Valley Chapel - Map Canton East 40.4817N 81.1913W
Walker - Map Homeworth 40.4604N 81.0525W
Weimer - Map Navarre 40.3946N 81.3637W
Welty - Map Navarre 40.4108N 81.3556W
Werner Chapel - Map Hartville 40.5347N 81.1807W
West Brookfield - Map Massillon 40.4804N 81.3404W
West Lawn - Map Minerva 40.4344N 81.0546W
Westlawn - Map
Section L
Section SBA
Orrell Surname
Canton West 40.808N 81.396W
Williamsport - Map Alliance 40.5557N 81.0552W
Woods - Map North Canton 40.5833N 81.2403W
Zion - Map Bolivar 40.4105N 81.2438W
Zwick - Map Robertsville 40.4714N 81.1345W

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